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Software Engineer (Go)

We're looking for a number of Software Engineers to join our Telco, Insurance, Clubhouse and Partner teams.

We're not hung up on if you have used our exact stack but somebody who is equally into all the cloud native shit, with kubernetes and tech emerging around it, with appetite for event sourced micro architecture is going to be great too.

Tech choices are not heavy decisions made in advance, we can use whatever we want if there is a use case but you can find any of the below;

  • Languages: Primarily Go with elements of Rust + Python.
  • Storage: cockroachdb, tikv, bigquery, influx, mongo, elasticsearch
  • Message brokers: kafka, nats
  • all deployed in kubernetes with typical tools deployed (thanos, kube applier etc.)

If it can be open- sourced, it shall. If we can submit a PR instead of building our own, we will. Getting your hands dirty from the top to the bottom of the stack isn’t a promise to be broken, it’s a requirement. If you’re only good at parts of it that’s okay, we’ll quickly make you good at all of it.