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UX Developer - Liverpool Street.

We’re looking for a UX developer to join our team and help build the next generation of the software tools and web apps that run our events, connect our members and support our community.

Who are you?

You’re a UX developer who is passionate about delighting users. You’re as happy working with paper and whiteboards as you are building HTML prototypes and collaborating with developers.

You understand user-centered design - in fact, you can’t even order a pizza or check in for a flight without thinking of a dozen ways you could make it better. You use conversations, surveys, and analytics to understand your users and their journeys. You identify their problems, and propose elegant solutions. You know how to communicate your ideas and concepts using sketches, wireframes and mockups.

You know your way around standard UX tools such as Balsamiq, Axure or XD. You have proven experience working with mobile-first and responsive design, and you’ve built high-fidelity prototypes using HTML and CSS (and bonus points if you’ve worked with Zurb Foundation, ‘cos that’s what our current site is built with.)

We’re looking for somebody who’s spent at least a few years working in a UX role and has experience collaborating with web developers, but we know UX can be a strange blend of design, code, technology and psychology, so when it comes to your background we’re more interested in how you tell your story than we are in qualifications and certificates.

What’s our tech stack?

Our web frontend is Zurb Foundation, jQuery and CSS3. The underlying platform is Rails 4, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch and Redis. Our code is in GitHub, our build pipeline runs on CircleCI and all our production systems run on Heroku, monitored using Logentries, Rollbar and NewRelic. We’ve also got standalone projects ranging from visualization tools built using React and Rails APIs, to a bespoke pipeline for deploying Go apps to Raspberry Pi touchscreen devices around our venue.

What will you be working on?

So far in 2019, we’ve launched a new homepage for our members, powered by our own analytics and recommendations engine. Next up we’re building a suite of dashboards to give our team deeper insights into our customer behaviour and business processes.

After that, we’ll be working on a new online portal aimed at the experts and tech leaders who speak at our events, incorporating features like a “call for papers” solution, schedule manager, and attendee feedback, all with deep integration into our existing platform and events system.

Longer term, we’re looking to create a new digital platform that will revolutionise the way attendees and sponsors interact at tech events, by using web, mobile, IOT and embedded systems to create a completely unique, seamless online/offline experience.

How do we work?

We aspire to be agile and test-driven - but we’re also pragmatists who try not to get too hung up on textbook definitions. We work in two-week sprints, we develop on short-lived feature branches, we write unit and integration tests. We merge code as soon as it’s been reviewed, and we deploy to production several times a day.

We’re a growing team, and we’ve never had a dedicated UX developer before, so this will be kind of a new thing for both of us - but I’m sure we’ll figure it out as we go along.

What’s it like working here?

You’ll be working at our office in Moorgate, London. Our core hours are 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday. We’re fine with occasional remote working, but one of the great advantages of working here at CodeNode is the opportunity to engage directly with our community and participate in our events, so we’d prefer developers to spend most of their working days on site.

We offer the same benefits as most tech firms - contributory pension, private health scheme and a cycle-to-work scheme (complete with secure underground bike parking and hot showers). Working at Skills Matter also gives you unrivalled access to some of the best tech events in the world - CodeNode regularly hosts world-class speakers and experts from across the entire technology spectrum, and we organise hundreds of free community meetups every year.

How To Apply

When it comes to our hiring process, we’re flexible.

We collaborate using Slack, email, GitHub, video calls, and screen sharing as well as face-to-face conversations; we can use any of those as part of our hiring process, and we’re happy to do things at a time that suits you to accommodate work commitments or time zone differences.

First, drop us an email to - tell us who you are, what you’ve done, and why you think you’d be a good fit. If you have got a CV, include it. If you’ve got them, include links to your portfolio, your website, your Github projects, maybe even include links to conference or meetup talks that you’ve given.

We’ll invite you to pair-program with one of our team for an hour or two, either here at CodeNode or via remote screen sharing. We’ll also want to meet you, introduce you to the team and show you around; we can combine this with a pair-programming session and a technical Q&A, or we can do those online first and then get together afterwards and chat about how it all went.